Weiss Ratings: “XRP may soon get integrated into Skype”

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Independent rating agency Weiss Ratings have suggested via Twitter that XRP can be integrated into Skype. The move would obviously mark a very important milestone, as the integration would allow 300 million users of XRP TipBot to exchange messages.

To meet growing demand, Ripple Labs developed XRP TipBot, a mechanism allowing users to send tips and micropayments on websites like Reddit, Gmail, Outlook, Discord and Twitter. Since its inception, the community has been asking for a greater number of supporting platforms. Now, according to a tweet from Weiss Ratings, Skype may be the next to integrate with the XRP payments system.

Although this can’t really be considered an official source, the rating agency does state that adding crypto payments to the messaging application is the most voted idea by the community with a total of 2,341 at the time of writing.

The idea was put forward late last month after a user requested Microsoft support remittance payments in XRP. The user shared the idea of allowing Skype users to buy SkypeCredits with XRP and send micropayments on Skype chat as well.

A community manager responded, stating that while they didn’t have any information about cryptocurrency adoption with Skype or any other Microsoft products, it was a good idea that deserved support.

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